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Be a Leader

I was recently exposed to an interesting exercise, which I recommend to my fellow TAB Members…

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Would You Please Like Me?

Most people like to be liked, and many salespeople love to be liked. The weakest salespeople need to be liked.

While the end result of being liked certainly provides an advantage over being disliked, a salesperson’s desire to feel good and their need for approval can have huge consequences in their overall effectiveness and ultimate success.

Let’s look at John…

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Quick Tips

Learning to Let It Go

I recently hired a new service tech and promoted an existing one to the manager position, which replaced me in that role. The new tech is working out great and, equally important, the new service manager is doing a terrific job.

The impact upon me has been significant. Having a service manager in place has taken a lot of stress off me and enabled me to focus more strategically on the business. I can even take more vacation time!

By : David Wacker, Office Automation Technologies

Be an Informed Buyer

When considering an acquisition, we must think about the temptation to buy items in the "bargain bin" at the store.

If a company is suddenly on the market and looks like a great fit, we should ask ourselves a few questions. If this company was not "on sale this month only," would we be interested? Is it the company, location, or clientele we would look for under normal conditions?

We should ask ourselves tough questions like this before we exhaust too many resources in discovery, due diligence, and negotiation.

By : John Hart, Peak Engineering, Inc.

Practice Makes Perfect

When alerting your client base to new information in your industry that requires a more hands-on approach (presentations or training, for example), it may be best to perfect your approach with a smaller, friendlier client environment first. Use the experience to hone your skills for larger groups. You may also learn what questions or concerns your clients have to prepare you for all types of questions that you may receive later.

By : Merritt Chuck, Merritt Environmental Consulting

Tsheets for Mobile Time Tracking

For all your employee time tracking needs, TSheets is a worthy travel companion. With the simple touch of a button and easy-to-use graphical interface, employees can easily clock in, clock out, change tasks, and track GPS coordinates in real time. Online or offline, they’ve got your time sheet covered.

By : Steven Bonventre, Nunzio & Sons Tile & Stone Corp.